Sampler Bible

As low as $2.80*

Although the Bible has been the best-selling book every year in a row since the invention of the printing press (a 500 year run), it often sits on shelves… unread.

At 1/4 the volume of the Bible, this book is ideal for someone who has never read the Bible and you may just read it cover to cover. The Sampler Bible highlights every single book of the Bible, using text from 19 different Bible versions. In the pages of the Sampler Bible, you'll find thoughts, questions, and comments that encourage the reader to keep reading and learning.

320 pages.

*Price includes a personalized cover.
Choose between the cover provided (adding your church name) or design your own using our templates.

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Product Description

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Price List

1-49 = $4.10 each
50 = $3.70
100 = $3.45
200 = $3.30
300 = $3.17
400 = $3.16
500 = $3.13
750 = $3.08
1000 = $3.00
1500 = $2.90
2000 = $2.80

Prices include 10pt cardstock (glossy or matte finish) cover, full color. If you’d like printing on the inside of the cover (front and back) please add 12 cents per Bible.